Monday, December 28, 2009


i wonder mst rmai pkir what is MIB?
let's me start
MIB is arab attitude
M=maalish = sory
B=buk'ra =tomorrow
haha,tu je la yg arab tau

i gives some example based on true story

housemate mira,dye bli contact lense
then the shops girl say 'u can come tomorrow'
then the 1st day of tomorrow
'maalish buk'ra'

then the second day
'maalish buk'ra'

then the final day
bru dapat


this is not the first time arabic people do to us
so if u in egypt
u should have to mentally prepared with arabic people
total patient needed


lme xtulis blog
im in da kampen 'no internet!'haha
but somehow i already on9 rite now =)
final exam tggl 30 days more,arghhh!!!
so i have to manage my precious time rite now
10 case to go
byk kot! 10 case,huhu
tp ,i already on d way
so plus study week (3weeks)=its enough!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why ?

y human not being thankfull?
u just making me really sad
i try being a good friends for u,i know im not that perfect
but still,im being kind to you
but you?
oh god,i really dont want to hate people,especially people how close to me
makes she realise that everyone is inperfect,so please...
dont act like u r the one who perfect!
i did't meant to be rude,but i want you to think wisely
went u see the truth,i will still with u
because im your friends =)
eventhough u always hurt my feelings
i will never dump u


+ just finished my mid sem
+ Alhamdulillah,everything is going well
+ just waiting with full of patient for my result
+ really miss my family
+ hope time could pass like a wind,so i can be we my family
+ missing my friends too

Thursday, December 3, 2009



finally my mid sem exam just around the corner,wish me luck

hope can do it better,come on amira athirah u can do it =)

stdy+solat+doa = success insyaAllah

mid sem exam included case 1 - 5

i hope i already well prepared myself

oh god pls help me,i already stdy well so

pls help me =)

guys wish me luck

happy eid mubarak

my new carpet =)

goreng pisang

~First time making goreng pisang in egypt
~taste kinda similar
~but stil pisang goreng malaysia is the best
~ohh,,i miss malaysia =)