Monday, September 21, 2009

rye d' kmpung

bst nye raye di kampung,sume blik this year,anjang,andak,anty,cik yon,mak usu..rmai sgt then dpt main wit all my cute cousin danish n auni..sgt bst!!hehe,hope you guys enjoy hari raye like i do =)

slamat hari raye !!!

pejam celik,pejam celik,nk hbis puase dh,n now raye pn dtg,hehe..kjap je rsenye,but this year puase was awesome coz i'll get to break my fast at all of my anty houses,so bst!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


happy Ramadhan to all my friend,i hope u guys accomplish full this Ramadhan,hehe..Ramadhan is a month for us gain more pahala and less sins =) the morning we fasting,nite go for solat tarawikh..but for me that lazy bum,if i went for tarawikh i just finished with 8 rakaat only,hehe,but sometimes it depends to the tok imam,if tok imam reading the surah like wind i finished 23 rakaat but if slow i just finished 8 rakaat only,hehe =P,,SO MUCH TO DO ,SO LITTLE TIME,just like blink of eye we almost done our fasting for 2 weeks,ermm life is too short ist,..i just want to make apology if i ever hurt my friends feeling,sorry ya! i thnk Ramadhan is the best month for us ask apology to our friend,i just hate when i make someone mad at me,because i will feel very,very guilty..huhu,its feel like being jail by our own just wanna wish all my blog readers Happy Ramadhan =)