Monday, April 16, 2012

Mansoura University International Cultural Day 2012

Salam guys , im back from along time away from the blogger world hehehe , lama gile xupdate blog but this time really have to update my blog sbb eksited nk cite about our culture day .The event was held on :

date: 13 April 2012
venue : istad gamaah( dlm bmnye stadium university )

this event involve like about 7 countries : Malaysia , Egypt , Saudi  , Palestin, Oman , Libya and Iraq
Its a really happening event , every countries will open their own booth and present about their country , culture and people. Malaysian booth are one of the happening booth on that day , we have lotsa story to share  because our country r multiracial country .Before this rase mcm biase je dlm malaysia ada melayu , cina ngan india tp bile cite dekat org2 egyption rasa best gile and im really proud to be malaysian :D.


  •  demo cara memasak masakan melayu
  • teh tarik competition
  • karaoke
  • lots of game : congkak , batu seremban , tarian buluh , lompat tali , jalan atas tempurung kelapa
  • station2 dlm booth : jom belaja bahasa , sejarah , achievement malaysia , india culture , malayculture , chinese culture , org asli and lastly cuti2 malaysia ( promote malaysia dkt org nagara lain )
  • persembahan : nyanyian lagu negaraku , nyanyian lagu tradisional ,zapin and fashion show 
  • ( time nyanyi lagu Negaraku serius trase sebak :' ( sbb sume student malaysia menyanyi dgn penuh bangganya even org negara lain pun tkedu tgk ktorg nyanyi mmg bergema dewan tu BEST!!! )
Nak tgk happening tak jom tgk gmbr ( pic creadit to : k.fazz , afiq, taqi , esan and also auni ) byk gile amek pic org heeeee

banner for the very big day!!!

pintu masuk
pintu masuk malaysia booth , masuk2 ada org cakap " selamat datang , welcome to malaysia booth" sy la orgnye hehehe

Orang besar but im not sure which country i think he's egyption 
Indian section
the nice and welldone kolam

chinese section 

malay section , siap ada pelamin lagi tau 
differ etnic in malaysia

tarian buluh

lompat tali weeeee

congkak even the egyption try it too

the achievement tree 

cuti-cuti Malaysia section , they ask we gave the beautiful place in malaysia, some of then even ask for suggestion which place should they go if they want to go to malaysia :D

Booth paling happening 

teh tarik competition , org negara lain pun ada try tapi habis satu badan hehehe

zapin malaysia wehooo

we'r proud to be malaysia

dont get trick he's egyption heeeeeeeee

teaching the egyption how to make malaysia food

seriously im really proud to be part of the team 
really miss my team
till next year
tq for reading my entry, hope you guys enjoy it!
salam :)