Friday, May 27, 2011

exam fullstop!

Slm , im sorry cause will not do any post till my final end 
love you guys

jgn stdy smpi cmni ye

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Make them Smile " project

salam , as promise in my last post ckp nk update " make them smile project " . Ok last week really a hectic week sbb ape? sbb sibuk with this project . Its actually like a charity project  , we given a task to decorate the library for the pediatric hospital .  Tp mmg best sbb we doing something good for others , project under padeatric group and this project is our first trials klu ok we may get other opportunity to decorate other room. Lagi satu project ni best sbb from here we meet other seniors , slame jln tepi2 xpernah btegur but now when we meet boleh borak2 lagi . I love meeting new people especially when they have more experience then me , boleh tukar2 pendapat boleh tnye2 psl stdy . With this project la mira knl kakak2 sem 10 and they really supportive kot ;D. I meet sorang kakak ni kak aiman kot klu xslah,  baik sgt dye siap bg nasihat2 lg dh la lemah lembut orgnye skenye tgk dye ;). And plus jgn terkejut if i say design2 sume tu bdk2 laki yang buat OMG creative gile ok . Anyway these r some pics that i grab from facebook so you guys can see the progress ,hope you guys enjoy it! 

ok yg berdiri tu sy hahaha, ni bersiap-siap nk colourkn binatang

this is the plain wall that will be decorate , tggu....

ni side view dari luar buat four season lg ;D

the other team yg painting the table

tadaaa!!! comel tak?? comel kn ( ni wall yg plain td) , yg pintu tu sy+housemate sy+hawa mahirah yg buat hahaha nk jugak nama tu ;)

another half of the wall

itu kak hajar sdg menunjuk kepakarannye dlm mewarna 

 the final outcome

abang2 yg rajin mewarna 

geram betul la sbb comel sgt!

ye sy lagi =_=*

eqa , me and amal ( kami pun pandai mewarna ) tehee ;D

Ok i think thats all kot 
i hope next phase rmai lagi akn join program ni
to : along ,angah ,zana,elisya and spe2 d mansoura jom la join mmg best!

tq for reading my entry 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

quick update sausan & tauchu

Salam just a quick update , nk update lama dh tp xsempat2 . Last week i went tu darul rahmah ( its a place mls nk explain pnjang2 ) , im doing some charity work for a uni project " make them smile" . The purpose of project to make the pediatric hospital more interesting place to stay ,so for our first project is to decorate the library , i will update this thing in my next post insyaAllah ;) . Actually nk tunjuk these two interesting creature tadaa!!!!! meet sausan and tauchu  TEHEE comelkn dyeorg . Binatang ini aynn nasir yg punye ye , so klu anda berminat nk pegang pegi la rumah dye 

xnk ckp byk coz currently in the sad mood , bcoz i done somethng terrible to my friend :'(
im so sorry , i really did't meant to hurt your 
i love all my friends so much till i keep crying everytime i hurt them :'( ( pedih mata mak oii hehehe)
btw tq for reading my entry

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MEDIC'S got talent

salam , ok mmg lama gile xupdate blog haha , hope you guys sume sihat .So skrg kt Mansoura mmg tgh hangat dgn isu " medic's got talent ni " haish mansoura mmg xpernah kot lari drpd gossip-gossip liar ni . I dont know which site to blame but basically this program is for all medical student who have talents either singing , dancing and etc . Tapi program ni become worst bile wjudnye group " bantah medic's got talent" which is the admin is unknown . The admin said that " spe yg pegi program tu bwat maksiat " this short sentences makes all the mansoura malay students got mad huhu , if you guys nk tau lebih lanjut bleh la melawat page ni 
Bantah-Medics-GOT-Talent . Once you guys open this page korang akn nmpk sumenye , klu nk cite mmg panjang bebenor la so korang g la ushar sendiri ye . Bawah ni banner yg original :

and between this program dianjurkn oleh pihak university ok , and plus budak-budak arab punya idea not us

then the group makes the banner looks like this :

so sad rite? haish , dont want to talk much .Yup mmg mira pegi jgak this program but then mira duduk sume dgn perempuan xbercampur dgn laki langsung and btw when it come to waktu solat we also get ready for prayers and Alhamdullilah  i did't do anything that could be the 'maksiat' those people said in the page . 

But that not the problem but , those people that saying we doing 'maksiat' in this program dont even go to the program and how they can say those word?? haish . I dont want to blame they too because they give some effort to protects us which is a good thing ,but myb in the wrong way . Thats all i can say fullstop. Ok dah ngantok esk sy sambung 

thats all for now
tq for reading my entry