Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From illmie rozlan

1. Put your music library on shuffle. 
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 
3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough. 
4. The answer to #20 is the Title of your note. Feel free to do this, tag your friends and have fun!

1.If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say
we ride - rihanna
2. How would you describe yourself?

i love the way you lie - eminem ft. rihanna (???)
3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
heartbeat -2pm ( lol ! , dats sound totally medical student haha )
4. How do you feel today? 
Airplane - BoB ft haley williams
5. What is your life’s purpose?
hey, soul sister - train
6. What's your motto? 
love story - taylor swift ( hehe)
7. What do your friends think of you? 
All about you - McFly ( oh so selfish )
8. What do you think of your parents? 
kissin u - Miranda Cosgrove ( yeah!!! )
9. What do you think about very often?
the only exeption -paramore
10. What is 2 + 2?
Bad romance - Lady Gaga ( im so bad in calculation ;) )
11. What do you think of your best/close friend(s)?
Who'd Have Known -Lily Allen
12. What do you think of the person you like?
Decode - paramore
13. What is your life story?
California Girls - Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg
14. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
My first kiss - 3OH!3 ft kesha ( no its not! ) ;)
15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?

You belong to me - taylor swift ( haha yeke? perhaps )
16. What will you dance at your wedding?
It's on! - Cast of 'Camp Rock '
17. What will they play at your funeral?
If we ever meet again - timberland ft katy perry
18. What is your biggest fear? 
Tell me you wish ( genie ) -SNSD
19. What is your biggest secret?
Talk to me - U-kiss
20. What will you post this as?
Fall for you -secondhand serenade

i tag who ever read this post especially Siti sarah salahudin ;)
tq for reading my entry 
love you guys ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

review series ;)

oh sorry sgt2 guys sbb lame xupdate blog T_T i know i knoe ,, sometimes i can be damm lazy oh no! jgn sebut lazy2 lagi nnt mmg betul lazy . Yeah dats is my motto don't ever say L's word , what is L , L stand for LAZY . oh that's great i say it again! . ok for this entry im gonna introduce 2 latest series that i watched , so jom check it out ! If you guys really into this series you guys can take it from me ;) , org yg slalo amek cite dari saye adalah syazana and ayus , maybe we having the same taste in movies kot ,hehehe . But then i don't mind , if you want just take it! ;)

series no. 1 : vampire diaries

ok tgk tajuk pun mesti dh tau cite psl ape kn ? haha vampire la ;) . Its about two brothers loving the same person katrine in past , but then katrine betray their love . When stefan move to mystic fall she found Elena , accidently elena having the same face as katherine . Its a love triangle . This story sgt best ok , the best part this story also have werewolf ! . So who will get elena at last? stefan , damon or the werewolf???

stefan , elena , damon

elena and stefan , they just look good to be together ;)

ok who's the hottest guy in the town? hehe its damon , everybody love damon because he's have the face , but then i still prefer stefan ;) bacause i hate bad guy!!

series no . 2 : pretty little liars

must see!!! hehe sume must see . Actually all these story among having the high rate! and also i dah tgk sume and its awesome ;) . Its a story about a group of friends sharing their deepst secret , but then not among them ,its between she ( 1 of the group member ) and the leader Allison , so Allison know every each of one secret , its a secret that no other people know . But one day allison missing , after one year they found allison body ,they found allison already dead . But then the weird things happen , they keep receiving a msg about their secret that allison only know , at the end of msg the anonymous write it from A ,  so they assume its allison because the only person know their secret is allison , so who's A? if you want to know you guys have to watch it! ; )

i want to introduce them but i dont remember their name , i just remember aria coz its a cool name and hanna coz its a common name ;)
if you watch it, you will never regret!! 
thank u coz reading this entry ;)
love you guys !
and between GG epi 10 will be air on 29 nov ,its been a little late but then dont miss it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

how do you pose?

hey guys , sbb class pun dh start so i think i should start my new entry , no more mood raye T_T huhu but then i love raye so much ! . ok tgk atas , atas mane tu ? tgk tajuk entry la ;) hehe " how do you pose? " saje je bwat tjuk cachy ckt bru org nk bace post kn kn ? . This entry saje je , nk reveal  that everyone have their own pose when taking pictures , mcm mira mira akan senyum senget and also nmpk gigi ckt haha , its sound weird kn but then when i observed all my past and new picture all are the same ( ni la sbbnye sarah suke kutok mira time mira amek gmbr) haha just kidding sarah , its ok if you guys dont believe it , i show the proof hahaha ( evil laugh)

picture 1 :

picture 2 :

picture 3:

picture 4 :

 haha i dh prove dh ,mmg sah la , but then its not just me making the same pose jom kte tgk siti sarah salahudin ;) hahaha ( klu dye bce blog ni habis la sy ) . Sarah klu senyum mulut dye tutup , dye senyum mesti lebarrrr gile then her eye's mcm prominent , ha? haha xtau nk ckp mate dye mcm menonjol ckt ;) xcaye tgk picture atas (picture 3)

and the winner for senyuman paling lebar : sarah!!!! hehe jgn marah i luv you ;p

yeah mangsa ke-3 afiqah izzaty hehe, dye klu senyum mesti tutup mulut , klu xcaye tgk pic bwh ni

second picture
kn kn dye mmg slalo ttup mulut & ignore saye yg kt tepi with senyuman senget ;)
nk mengorat dye no way langkah mayat bf dye dlu hahaha

dh cukup kot sy merepek , so sume org have dye own style when taking picture so what r yours???
tq for reading this post
luv you guys ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


GMN & PCM  raya celebration yeah ( suke sbb dpt makan lagi ) heheh . Ok then we are the ajk's makanan aka waitress on duty yehaa!! we suppose to come earlier aroud 3.15pm but then you guys know how perempuan bersiap lalala, then we arrived at istad gamaah ( stadium uni ) around 3. 40pm waaa, but then we got lucky coz habib pun xdtg lg hee ;). Before org smpi pe lg camwhore la kn . After maghrib the event start , but then we never sit inside just dduk depan food je.Then lepas ucapan dh habis yeah our job r ready sume dtg serbu makanana ;) ramai org beratur but we did our best for not let they wait much longer . We did't know what performance going on inside sbb duduk luar all day long . We take lotsa picture to kill the time ;) enjoy some of my picture, you guys know how i love taking picture oh no correction you guys know how i love to be in the pictures hahahaha ;)

tq hawa for editing this picture its awesome ;)

yeah we the waitress ;) : me, azie, sarah , eqa

with azie si kurus ;)

the food ;)

after the event we pack things up and kemas2 ,then sambung taking pic again and again hahha i loveee hari raya because its the day you can really meet and talk to everyone eventhough you  dosents know that person ;) its also the time where we help each other , organize something so that we can gather around ;)

that's all with my post
tq for reading my post 
luve you guys ;)


Happy Eid Adha

although we are far from home that dosent mean we celebrate differently ;) ,

what did we do for the celebration??haha . Bgun pagi-pagi mcm kt malaysia jgak masak la, ktorg masak nasi impit , rendang ayam , kuah lontong, spagetti and kek batik. Tq kepada nasi impit adabi instant and rendang brahim's instant coz make we feel like we are celebrating in malaysia . Walaupun sume instant but then still sedap tau ,cmni la raye di perantauan sob sob ( haha wat ayat sedih lak )

sedap kn nyum nyum sorry for the periuk our house lack of plates ;) ala biasela umah bujang ( haha cover je)

ok then after masak-masak pgi tempat penyembelihan pulak. This year mcm lagi byk from last year yeah !, sembelih unta ,lembu and kambing. Hero-hero mansoura yang sembelih bdk2 perempuan pg amek gambar je ( hehe sy la org tu ) ;)

nmpk tak si unta redha tggu mase nk kne sembelih ;)

after amek gambar byk2 ktorg balik . Pastu kejotkn housemate yg x tau la bile nk bangun then ktorg makan same2 yeah ;)
After asar ktorg g open house umah kak hajar ;) mkn lagi yeah sy suke 

menu: spagetti , rendang ayam that super nice xmain instant2 ok haha ,btw tq so much kak hajar for inviting us ;)

After kak hajar house we move to another open house zana's house . Housemate dye mmg rajin2 belaka haha 

menu: nasi lemak , mee sup and more side dishes ;)
tq u guys ;)

After mkn2 perut pn dh kembong haha, teman eqa beli shawl for the next day event ;)

posing jap ;)
that's all tq for reading my post!!
luve you guys 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


simple words : mira pegi cairo, yeah !!! . Ok enough excited sorang2 , actually i went to cairo just to accompany amal , azie and amir but then we go to city star * yeah!!!!* OMGEE excited gile on the way cause you guys know how hard i love shopping ;) hehe , spe ckap medical student 24hr stay home and read those bunch of book like a nerd?? hello its holiday ok ;) we study when its a study time, and joy some free time too . But then mira xla shoping like mad people , just bought a top that's all ( city star xde sale so takot bajet lari ). Ok come i show you some of my pic for the day ( i love taking pictures )

kedai makan ;) no matter how far i go, i will still and always love asian foood ;)

sy diet sy makan mee sje ( hehe, xpun wawawa)

top that i bought ;) (i lovee it)

penat shopping mkn lagi ( mne la xgemok hehehe )

dh penat jln2 balik ;0

there was so many nice places in egypt but then i just dont get it why i keep go back to city star ( hahaha soalan nk kne penampar je ) sorry guys hope you guys love this entry ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

what i do for holiday ? ( day 1-3)

hey guys it being a while since the last time i updated my blog , heap of things and bla bla bla ;) . Just finished my mid term examination and the result was discribed my simple word ' Alhamdullilah ' . Then we having like one week holiday because its Eid's yeah. Tgk tajuk la hehe, just passed three days of holiday so what did i do?? haha shopping? nahh, touring egypt? nahh , so what's ist ? hehehhe. Ok ok i just said out loud no shopping!!! what???? you guys just know how i love shopping damm much but yet we did't go anywhere suprise huh? ;) ok i think i just have to said it straight or u guys will be so damm bored reading my entry ;). My holiday just filled with movies only ( dgn nada down T_T ) haha , so jom check what movie ist ;)

1. playful kiss

this story like so cute ok , its about a stupid girl really deeply in love with a smart guy.But the problem is the guy hate stupid girl! so how ist?? ;)

2. chuck season 4

chuck season 4 : eps abt chuck becoming more serious in being CIA agent ;)

3. lie to me 

must-watch -movie ;) its not movie actually its a series, in tv its already season 4 but then i only watched season 1 : its a story about a company that can detect a person if he or she lie just by looking their face expression and also body language ,awesome rite??? so kne tgk k ;)

4. xoxo gossip girl

gossip girl season 4 yeah !!! love this more then others ;)

ok,the end of this chapter, i'll update later about my holiday ,bye xoxo ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

our trip , its like a bad dream =_=*

ok , this entry its about our journey to Cairo ,specific ckt Embassy Malaysia. The story begin ...( poyo je lebih )
haha. Ok ..ok ktorg amek bas from Mansoura to Cairo dh la tambang bas dh naik ,tp bas dye still buruk jgak ,dlu tambang 10 genih skrg naik 2 genih so jd 12 genih la. Naik je bas mcm biasela sume tdo kn. Tbe2 makcik sorang ni si S ( haha u know who you r ) bwat muke cemas pastu pusing2 ,tgk2 blakang, firstly i thought dye mengigau but then xpun , tbe dye ckp de lipas dlm baju OMGGGGG , sume org bgun2 tkot lipas masuk baju org len plak , after 15-30 min dye duk senyum2 upenye de getah rambut jatuh dlm bju dye ,dye igt lipas ( sigh* sarah2 opss terckp plak spe org itu hehhehe )

Then we continue our journey , smpi je embassy mak ai org penuh giler kot , smpi kt tempat luar , xpe la but then the best part was msuk2 je sume mcm ustazah2 and ustaz2 segan nye ktorg huhu. Pastu ustz yg nk translate tu bad mood plak, ohh mmg hari yg xbest, so ktorg smpi around kul 11am kot ktorg blk kul 3pm lameeee gile kot

After tu ktorg g umah anak johor , eqa nye teksi gerak dlu but then teksi ktorg smpi dlu, dlm teksi main twitter ngan sarah , padahal duk sebelah2 mmg over kn2? hahah , technology making people weird kot hahha,ok2 back to the story , plik gile cmne ktorg bleh smpi dlu  ,mule2 mcm cuak jgak if we in the wrong places, ble call blk upenye their teksi having problem , siap bleh berenti tgh jln lagi, mmg tbaek la pakcik teksi tu, bak kata ummu kura-kura lagi laju dari teksi tu hehehehe

Lepas pg umah johor ,pegi plak umah selangor naik bas ,mira dgn bagganye ckp " xpe2 mira cam jln "  haha but then hampeh! Ilya yg  ingat jalan , so ktorg tlepas la tempat tu ,so kne jln kaki blk ( waaaa sakit gile kaki saye ). Jumpe adek hafiz jap pastu blk .

Pastu g straight stesyen tramco , naik tremco , pakcik tu cam plik je sruh cepat2 ,tp xpela myb de hal kot, after 5min cmtu polis tahan tremco ktorg tremco tu mcm van la kt mlaysia ;). Pastu yg peliknye tremco tu xnk berenti , xpela kot klu cmtu ni dye pecut laju, ble tgk belakang de polis kejar , waaa dh mcm penjenayah dh ktorg ni, dye bwk mkin laju,laju,laju . Mira ngan ummu siap pegang2 sarah lg sbb tkot sgt, ( dlm hati dh mengucap2 dh ) . bleh pkir tremco tu nk accident lg, pastu ble msuk jln besar dye bwk lawan arus ,mmg makin takot la kot, sume kete mcm nk langgar ktorg (waaaaa). Lame2 teksi xdpt kejar so dye bwak slow ckt. Dh half -way the road blok plak,mmg sah2 la tremco ktorg kne tahan ( dh mmg mcm penjenayah dh la)

Polis tu siap mintak kernih lg ,tp xpela,last2 driver tu kne tahan ktorg pn naik tremco laen, 2nd tremco tu tngkap blakang plak dh pecah, dh la sjuk gile! pastu dye bwak laju , serpihan tingkap tu pn pecah kne ktorg ,mmg nsib malang ktorg waaaa.

Smpi mansoura dlm 12pm kot , tahan teksi kne 5genih ( patut 2genih je) mls nk lyan bayar je la. Smpi umah nsib baik dh solat siap terus tdo fuh . Mmg pengalaman pling teruk kot, xpela setiap tu de hikmah je

k la , bye2 ;)
nxt week exam tp sempat je tulis blog lagi ;)
pharmacology ni byk sgt la ,xpe2 kne bce jgak klu xnk pun ;)
tq for reading my post :)