Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010


yeah,i dh de formspring, at first mira mcm pkir " formspring,mcm fcebk ke?" oh im such a loser , tau lmbt sgt , tu pn xtau (hehe). Then i try to discover it by myself , and yeah i know wht it's . Its kinda like web like twitter actually ( lame xupdate twitter,hehe). But twitter only one way communication , but it's differ in formspring cause it two ways communication . People ask u somethng and u answer it . Its kinda fun actually. For example , people mayb want to know u better but they just shame or afraid to ask u , so by using formspring they can ask u anythng :).. Thats on the bright side , but in the other hand some question maybe annoyed u .. but for me i like this things , sometimes the quest kinda funny like

" berape berat u ?"
haha perlu ke tnye berat mira :)

but i already know who asked me, because she already make a confession ( hehe). To afiqah izzaty im so sorry for accused u for asking that quest but its not you, hehe maalish ok!
For ME this formspring its kinda good things , u guys should try too :)

p/s: u guys can check out my formspring

bila mira buat natang nih? *follow me..haha

baru je :) hehe,ok follow me too ♥

fell free to ask ♥


hey~ ;)

fell free to ask ♥

saye comel kn?

xpn!!!!!!!!! ;p

fell free to ask ♥

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

counting every second of my life

♥ going back to MALAYSIA 29 June
+ i just cant wait till that days
* but first i have to face my biggest challenge FINAL EXAM =_=* sigh
# try hard to study more harder,eg. sleep after 12,but i just cant coz i will
felt asleep at 12(hehehehe)
~ so im guessing i just have to study in my own regular way :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 down 1 left


this month really making my mind a lil mess,i have 3 bigge things to be done:

1. flight tickets
2. new house
3. study for final exam

today ,i already done 2 of those things that is no.1n2,i'll already bought my flight ticket it is on 29 of june (check).Thanks to azie coz kindly borrowed her money first,thanks azie ;),da second thing to do:find new house,mayb someone think its a lil rush to find house now,but i think its better to be done early :),thanks to ammu atia ,luckyly we found a brand new house ,yeay( but he takes our money too huhu).so 2 of my prob done it left 1 most big important things : study for my final,i have to promise to myself study harder like prof Latif said before

"study rajin2,then awk bleh habiskn masa 3 blm d mlaysia "

i think Prof Latif is one of my favy idol rite now,coz his words give like thousand meaning and full of motivation :)

yeah i have to study harder for this becoming examination,and not to forget pray a lots to Allah,K.Shamilah wrote on my notice board

"usaha bukanlah penentu kejayaan,tetapi Allah menuntut kita berusaha kerana DIA akan menilai sejauh mne usaha kita dan memberikan kejayaan terbaik utk hamba-hambanya"

"ABAH N IBU" i will study hard k,dont worry to much abt me ;)

i think thats all for now ,got to get study
study+pray= isyaAllah muntaz :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

cafe world ^_^


xthu nk tulis pe ,so just nk share one of my favo game " cafe world", seriously i addicted to it,i can just delay all things in the world just for this game ,hahahaha,seriously " IM ADDICTED",hehe,u guys should try it ;)

DOWN =_="


just finished my mid sem examination for 2nd sem,seriously freaking depress rite now,i dont know why,but myb its all about my mid sem examination ,i study regulary as usual but i dont know y i just feel da paper is really hard,huhu..
sorry to ABAH DAN IBU,bcoz i think i can done well if i study harder
and plus this thing is killing me rite now,i just cant sleep well just bcoz of this
=_=* sigh!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

not feeling well =_=

today:3 april 2010
2days to go till my final exam,oh god seriouslly im nervous,don't knw why,myb there r too much to read:
seriously upper limb making me crazy!!!
even i dream abt it evry nite ,huhu
hope i can do better in mid sem

wish me luck :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

stdy week

sry guys for not updating my blog =_=* (sy mmg sgt mls)

to ct sarah salahuddin n afieqah izzaty: i update my blog for u guys tau(hehe)
[stdy week really makes me bored sbb xkuar rumah]
[kwn2 jgn lupe stdy!!]

i wanna sent some love letter to:

ct sarah:study!!!!![tgk korea je]
ummu sulaim : jgn main cafe world je
efa : xyh la diet awk dh krus~
iha : gd luck for final ye ,ktorg lmbt lg
ika : sme je ,xyh nk diet2,dh ok dh kamu tu
amal : jgn main the sims je!
azie : jgn main mafia war je ^_^

papepn love u guys,hope bleh sme2 mumtaz,
i know u love me