Monday, May 24, 2010

study leave part 2

this is forearm : its consist of many muscle ( when i say many its sooooooo many ok ,hehe)

hey guys ;)
ok its about 11 days to go till my 1st day of examination , sigh* can i make it? huhu, thinking abt it makes me soooo scare, final ni! not mid sem .My last paper willl be the medical terminology. At 1st the egyption student try to make petition so that we dont hve to take this med term paper but that DOcter just turn we down =_= huhu , we have to take our med term paper . But its impossible actually to cancel da paper away coz we already attend the lecture, print the slide and all the med term Docter struggling to teach us although some of the student did't gve their attention so well ( mengate diri sendiri heheheh)so yeah we have to take it. THE med term lecture like sooooooo much consist pathology , pharmacology ( oh why they make such a difficult name for drug???? i wonder why, that is so not good for me, coz its difficult to REMEMBER!!! huhuhu) and not to forget microbiology .

then i have to see the jar, but its ok for me coz i ♥♥♥♥ anatomy ,wink2 im so biase,i know!

Friday, May 21, 2010

i like ♥

today just trying to relax myself cause i already been with my beloved pathology notes like from 7am - 2pm ( seriously going crazy =_=*) so i just look around the fcbook to play some other games else not hotel city and cafe world k ! OMG im seriously into all the fb game!!!! :0, then i found this sorority life , then just think a while wht the hack is this. Then i started to play it, you know what its kinda fun (hehe ).If u wanna fight someone to gain your popularity just click the button for attacking ( wht a game ???). If u wanna shop just click it! wanna sweetheart just click it! wanna new cloths, beg car, accessory just click it! hehehe fun ha? :). the best part is u can buy your boyfriend! sweet♥. plus u can also steal u friend boyfriend hahaha . what a game huh ;). i seriously xde kje . My final start 5 june so im thinking it just left 14 days to go.........OMG . Abah and ibu please pray for me ,i know u guys love me so much it same goes to me , i try as hard as i can to makesure i do well in my final. Wish me luck :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

welcome to my study leave

hehe, already start my study week ,but its started with worst coz im having cough + runny nose & fever bad rite?? huhu . But i try to cope with it ,i really HATE medicine but i have to take it coz my fever like making my study week more worst coz i keep coughng , sneezing till like hell argh!!!. I hate being sick ! , but i know everythng god do to us hve somethg good behind it ;). thanks to afieqah izzaty who bought the drug for me ;). Dont be mistaken its a drug that i taken for therapeutic not that the illegal drug hehe , for this sem i learn many thing about drugs its pharmacokinetic , pharmacodynamic ,side effects of taking the drug . some people just dont know abt it, but lucky me coz i study it . Some drug can't be taken with other drug on the same time coz it will lead to adverse drugs reaction ( haha, pela yg sy membebel ni ). But its true ok ,i learnt it ;) that the benefits you got when u be a medical students . My exam start 5 june - 14 june so maybe around this time i xtulis blog . So im sorry for everythng ,if i ever hurt your feelings so sorry . Wish me luck in my examination so i can pass with flying colours ~

Thursday, May 13, 2010

all the doc-to -be

end of class

Ok class sem 2 offically come to the end ( actually not too offically coz we stil having an extra medical terminology class ,huhuhu ). Rse mcm cepat sgt mse blalu , thnks to god my class going well yeah! sy xpnah poteng ;) (hehe ). Now everyone is strugglng for their final exam ( including me ). 10 case to go , plus with 1 unseen case with no objective, wht????. Dont really know whats going on, coz every unseen case happen to be with the objectives T_T I want objectives pretty please!!!!! ( begging in my own blog,bkn Dr nk dgr pn,hehe )

Today ,my pack schedule fill with pbl session ( not to mention pbl a&b ) coz my doctor lil bit busy . So we having the last pbl for the last place compare to all pbl groups which their pbl was yesterdy ;). Then i having so much fun in my last day in microbiology lab . We doing blood test, and everyone was like very excited to do the test ( except azie & eka coz we already done in our year at matrix).But i stil do it ( hehe ) . in this experiment we can check our blood type either A ,B,AB or O . and also we can check either we r Rh+ or Rh- its fun rite ? ;). And i proudly to annouce that my blood type A + yeah!. i thnk majority in my lab this morning is A+, but after the class rafiq told me

" aku Ab -"

AB- ??? hehe its true but its really rare ,coz i think in our sem he's the only one having that kind of blood group ( klu rafiq bce habis la mira~ hehe ;))

Then something happen in the lab . One of the Saudi arabian student like scared of her own blood , her hand was shaking, pity of that girl .But its kinda her's fault because we are suppouse to make a tiny hole with the lancet at our finger once, but she do it like three times if im not mistaken coz i was standing beside her . I thinks she have phobia to blood ( just simply guess, xthu la btul ke x ) ;). DR try to make she calm, and everything was normal again . All the day i just busying taking pictures ;) ( even in the lab )

We having our last pbl in Dr .Amir room ,and today we escaped 1 of our objectives (sbb xde org buat) .then all like pretending we already finished our objectives ( hehe, zana nye idea ni ).

The last and the best day ;)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I ♥ ibu

Ibu , 'happy mothers day '. Although im far away from u,its does't meant that i will

forget you, not even a second . Ibu is evrythng for me, and i know its hard to rise a

child in a perfect way . Im not that perfect but u stil ♥ me . U always support me what

ever it takes eg : drawing competition , taekwondo sparing , story telling ( hehe ),

coirs , nasyid and many more . I know u sacrifice many thing for me , abg n baby .

Thats y we love u soooooo much . I will try to be a good child , just a simple

things i need from u is ur blessing . I really miss u , but as a child a hve my

responsibility here . I just can't wait to see u . Till we meet again


♥ U ^_^

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

we growing up!

hey guys!, today i got de time to share some part of my life. Lately being soooo

busy ( haha busy pe ntah ) . Pejam celik,pejam celik wow im 20ty now! not with de

suffix teen anymore i think im growing up too fast ( xnk ngaku dh tue ^_^).Yeah im 20

,cepatnye mse blalu. Dlu mcm bru je msuk kindegrden now im in Egypt trying hard

strugglg to b a docter . Ok my sis ( amira aqilah ) dh form 5 dh pn. Cepatnye kami

membesar . Dlu klu gadoh slalo tarik2 rmbut la , merajuk xnk mkn la , haha teruk nye

mira dlu . But now everything change we growing up , xgadoh tarik2 rmbut dh :) ,

gadoh mulut je ( hehe,sme je ). Tp duduk jauh ni dh xbleh nk gadoh dh . Ibu pn slalo

cite baby ( nama pnggilan amira aqilah aka my sis ) slalo cari gadoh ngan org laen ,

dgn ibu la , abah la hehe sbb dye xde partner gadoh dye hehe.. we always fight, not

like other always every minutes we fight ( even in car, toilets , kitchen) haha truk

kn kteorg.. But i really miss those fight ( tula bile bnde dh xde bru t'ingat kn???

). But this is my life i like it! :). Ibu & abah seriously manjakn ktorg sgt2 but u

know wht we stil turn out good not like some spoil child ;) ( memuji dri sndiri ).

Baby going to take spm end of this year i thnk xthu ble trikh exam . I just hoping

she can do it well , baby , akak will always pray for you so dont you worry!.. but the most important is..

♥ dont forget to pray , dont u ever forget Allah, bcoz all the thing its already a faith ,when anything goes wrong u must always go back to your creaters.

♥ bless from ibu & abah

♥ study hard,coz Allah will always observe your hardworkng

♥ believe that Allah will always with u

♥ so gd luck baby ;)

p/s : kurangkn gedik awk tu,pg stdy ;p

Monday, May 3, 2010


sorry guys ,lme xupdate blog ,really dont hve that mood for blogging huhu.. things going wrong in few days

to afieqah izzaty yg slalo jengok blog i,sry syg lme xupdate,im gonna update as soon i got the real mood back ;)