Monday, May 24, 2010

study leave part 2

this is forearm : its consist of many muscle ( when i say many its sooooooo many ok ,hehe)

hey guys ;)
ok its about 11 days to go till my 1st day of examination , sigh* can i make it? huhu, thinking abt it makes me soooo scare, final ni! not mid sem .My last paper willl be the medical terminology. At 1st the egyption student try to make petition so that we dont hve to take this med term paper but that DOcter just turn we down =_= huhu , we have to take our med term paper . But its impossible actually to cancel da paper away coz we already attend the lecture, print the slide and all the med term Docter struggling to teach us although some of the student did't gve their attention so well ( mengate diri sendiri heheheh)so yeah we have to take it. THE med term lecture like sooooooo much consist pathology , pharmacology ( oh why they make such a difficult name for drug???? i wonder why, that is so not good for me, coz its difficult to REMEMBER!!! huhuhu) and not to forget microbiology .

then i have to see the jar, but its ok for me coz i ♥♥♥♥ anatomy ,wink2 im so biase,i know!

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