Thursday, May 13, 2010

end of class

Ok class sem 2 offically come to the end ( actually not too offically coz we stil having an extra medical terminology class ,huhuhu ). Rse mcm cepat sgt mse blalu , thnks to god my class going well yeah! sy xpnah poteng ;) (hehe ). Now everyone is strugglng for their final exam ( including me ). 10 case to go , plus with 1 unseen case with no objective, wht????. Dont really know whats going on, coz every unseen case happen to be with the objectives T_T I want objectives pretty please!!!!! ( begging in my own blog,bkn Dr nk dgr pn,hehe )

Today ,my pack schedule fill with pbl session ( not to mention pbl a&b ) coz my doctor lil bit busy . So we having the last pbl for the last place compare to all pbl groups which their pbl was yesterdy ;). Then i having so much fun in my last day in microbiology lab . We doing blood test, and everyone was like very excited to do the test ( except azie & eka coz we already done in our year at matrix).But i stil do it ( hehe ) . in this experiment we can check our blood type either A ,B,AB or O . and also we can check either we r Rh+ or Rh- its fun rite ? ;). And i proudly to annouce that my blood type A + yeah!. i thnk majority in my lab this morning is A+, but after the class rafiq told me

" aku Ab -"

AB- ??? hehe its true but its really rare ,coz i think in our sem he's the only one having that kind of blood group ( klu rafiq bce habis la mira~ hehe ;))

Then something happen in the lab . One of the Saudi arabian student like scared of her own blood , her hand was shaking, pity of that girl .But its kinda her's fault because we are suppouse to make a tiny hole with the lancet at our finger once, but she do it like three times if im not mistaken coz i was standing beside her . I thinks she have phobia to blood ( just simply guess, xthu la btul ke x ) ;). DR try to make she calm, and everything was normal again . All the day i just busying taking pictures ;) ( even in the lab )

We having our last pbl in Dr .Amir room ,and today we escaped 1 of our objectives (sbb xde org buat) .then all like pretending we already finished our objectives ( hehe, zana nye idea ni ).

The last and the best day ;)

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