Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just a simple word ' tq Allah '

Alhamdulillah, thats da only word across my mind when i saw my result ;) , ok, i think u guys just can easy guess how was my result turn out rite???? heheheh. So my result turn out very, very well i just did't think i could get that kinda results coz my final exam was extremly hard ( refer to my previous post if u wanna know how hard it be ) . I was kinda very excited when i saw my result, by that time i just really badly wanna cry , coz i just cant belive it!, but then everyone start asking about my result so nk control macho punye pasal  ,i xjd nk nangis ,hehehe, then1. first thing to do thank to Allah , 2. second thing send Abah msg about my result , then Abah call

abah : so kakak cmne? ok ke?
me : ok la, naik 1 marks from da 1st sem
abah : ok la kn ? congratz , abah tau kakak can do it

if u guys did't know my abah very well ,u guys will just say " sombongnye dye tu " , " abah u mcm garang je? ", hehe i know that sort of typical quest , my Abah dont talk to much, but if u know him, he kinda funny guy ;).

abah : ibu ckp lme xmsg ,risau ibu
me: sry la ( with a long smile face, yeah they must very miss me )
abah : blik cepat ye, baby dh rndu sgt tu
me : ok ( ala baby tu klu akak de nk cari gaduh je hehehe )
abah : ok la nk smbung tgk bola, bye
me : ok bye( klu tgk bola ank pun jadi second place huhu)

ok, i think i gonna end now or i will continue writing bunch of crap hehehhe
p/s : really happy rite now with my result ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

im done


at last im done with my exam, but seriously its damm hard.. well thats it,if it was easy so it shuold not be and exam rite? but seriously im just not making of it but my final exam was so hard T_T  feel like wanna cry while taking the exam , we have 200 MCQ and it have to be done in 2h30min! . But Alhamdullilah i succed to manage my time very well , but not to mention my neck was very, very, very painfull coz y? while taking the exam i just dont think i have enough time to answer it all so i'll never raise my head up,i just look down to da paper and keep answering . By the time im passing the 100th quest, i badly wanna raise my head up coz i really hurt huhu , but then i just keep im mind

 amira! if u raise ur head ,u will start looking people around u, then u will lost ur time

so i just

 haish' amira no matter what just keep doing the MCQ

so without doubt i keep doing it, although my neck is very painfull its like a big rock at my back of neck T_T
at last i manage to finish my MCQ 30min early,  by the end of grand 200 quest its like a big relief . Once i try to raise my head up, its just feel sooooo good hehe

Short Essay:

So how can i start from, coz from da very beginning till end its seriously HARD! . W e have 3 major quest, and the 3rd quest should be the easy one, but it turn other way round, its freaking hard. i think the 1st quest its about SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) , the 2nd one is osteoporosis , and the last is abt prostatic cancer. But the quest given its like we already in 3rd year or 4th year sigh*.

suddenly Dr. Saed give use a big supprise ' ok, today no jar'. WHAT THE????. w e all like woke up early in da morning and go to gammah just to see all the 12 jars , but out of sudden there will no jar in our osce.. but its ok coz luckly i can still do my best ;)

the last paper Med Term
ok,we study like hell all the mechanism of drug, the name for pharmaco ( did u think memorizing all the name of drug i easy??huhuhu

btw im done now never dwell on past, now i just keep praying to Allah so i can get better result ;) , pray for me too k

im free ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

study leave part 3

evrydy,i keep remind myself not to open my blog!!!!no blogging!!!,but yeah this is me now ;p
but i dont think i will talk much just wanna leave some pic,how my room looks like when we in da study leave
this is how medical student in study leave ( mayb not all,perhaps just me )

ok,thats my wall board ;),tik..tok..tik..tok,counting the day for my final examination,ok officially 4 days to go!!!..can i do it?OMG seriously ,i prepared myself well,but u know what,  our effort dosent reflect fully for our result,GOD will decide for us,so we just have to really work hard ;). And if we fail get to our target they must be blessing in disguise, GOD know wht good for us ;)

this is da real bone k ;), from left to right tibia,femur,hip bone n fibula ;)

ok..ok..lower limb i like ;)