Monday, December 28, 2009


i wonder mst rmai pkir what is MIB?
let's me start
MIB is arab attitude
M=maalish = sory
B=buk'ra =tomorrow
haha,tu je la yg arab tau

i gives some example based on true story

housemate mira,dye bli contact lense
then the shops girl say 'u can come tomorrow'
then the 1st day of tomorrow
'maalish buk'ra'

then the second day
'maalish buk'ra'

then the final day
bru dapat


this is not the first time arabic people do to us
so if u in egypt
u should have to mentally prepared with arabic people
total patient needed


lme xtulis blog
im in da kampen 'no internet!'haha
but somehow i already on9 rite now =)
final exam tggl 30 days more,arghhh!!!
so i have to manage my precious time rite now
10 case to go
byk kot! 10 case,huhu
tp ,i already on d way
so plus study week (3weeks)=its enough!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why ?

y human not being thankfull?
u just making me really sad
i try being a good friends for u,i know im not that perfect
but still,im being kind to you
but you?
oh god,i really dont want to hate people,especially people how close to me
makes she realise that everyone is inperfect,so please...
dont act like u r the one who perfect!
i did't meant to be rude,but i want you to think wisely
went u see the truth,i will still with u
because im your friends =)
eventhough u always hurt my feelings
i will never dump u


+ just finished my mid sem
+ Alhamdulillah,everything is going well
+ just waiting with full of patient for my result
+ really miss my family
+ hope time could pass like a wind,so i can be we my family
+ missing my friends too

Thursday, December 3, 2009



finally my mid sem exam just around the corner,wish me luck

hope can do it better,come on amira athirah u can do it =)

stdy+solat+doa = success insyaAllah

mid sem exam included case 1 - 5

i hope i already well prepared myself

oh god pls help me,i already stdy well so

pls help me =)

guys wish me luck

happy eid mubarak

my new carpet =)

goreng pisang

~First time making goreng pisang in egypt
~taste kinda similar
~but stil pisang goreng malaysia is the best
~ohh,,i miss malaysia =)

Monday, November 23, 2009


finally i done my presentation
it was really great experience ,and good stuff to gain confidence
at first i was soooo nervous,because talking in lecture infront of evryone its kinda tough,
but i manage to do it !
its was great!
i hope i will given next opportunity to talk in tha hall again

Thursday, November 19, 2009


+my first group presentation =)
+im so nervous but i will try my best
+ wish me luck !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 things i miss abt malaysia

1.nasi lemak of course
3.teh tarik
5.goreng pisang
6.traffic light..??
7.nasi ayam
8.mid valley room!!!
10.a clean road,plz!!


case 5 : hemophilia disease

hehe,lme xupdate blog,kinda busy lately
*sory guys
*yeah,dh nk msuk week 5,after week 5 de mid sem
*dh nk msuk 2 month im in egypt
*xsbar nk blik malaysia

Sunday, November 8, 2009


. sry kwn2,lme xupdate blog =)
.every week de new case,kne pndai bjet mase
.parents pn xde nk tgur2,so kne pndai2 sndiri
.already enter the fourth case,abt malignant tumour
.after the fifth cases de mid sem,huh,mmg ltey,but this is how a student should be
.mira!!! jgn malas study =)
.wish me luck this mid sem
.InsyaAllah i try my bst

a month in egypt

a nite in sikkah =)

Friday, October 23, 2009

sorry guys =)

im so sorry bcoz didt update my blog for so long,im in egypt now,yeah!,my flight was at 29 sept,and we arrived at Cairo airport at 30 sept we have to transit at Mumbai for one hour,yeah,i do miss my family so much .but i have to do my duty here =)miss you guys so much to!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

rye d' kmpung

bst nye raye di kampung,sume blik this year,anjang,andak,anty,cik yon,mak usu..rmai sgt then dpt main wit all my cute cousin danish n auni..sgt bst!!hehe,hope you guys enjoy hari raye like i do =)

slamat hari raye !!!

pejam celik,pejam celik,nk hbis puase dh,n now raye pn dtg,hehe..kjap je rsenye,but this year puase was awesome coz i'll get to break my fast at all of my anty houses,so bst!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


happy Ramadhan to all my friend,i hope u guys accomplish full this Ramadhan,hehe..Ramadhan is a month for us gain more pahala and less sins =) the morning we fasting,nite go for solat tarawikh..but for me that lazy bum,if i went for tarawikh i just finished with 8 rakaat only,hehe,but sometimes it depends to the tok imam,if tok imam reading the surah like wind i finished 23 rakaat but if slow i just finished 8 rakaat only,hehe =P,,SO MUCH TO DO ,SO LITTLE TIME,just like blink of eye we almost done our fasting for 2 weeks,ermm life is too short ist,..i just want to make apology if i ever hurt my friends feeling,sorry ya! i thnk Ramadhan is the best month for us ask apology to our friend,i just hate when i make someone mad at me,because i will feel very,very guilty..huhu,its feel like being jail by our own just wanna wish all my blog readers Happy Ramadhan =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

pic me, ana n nab

me .ana and nab =)

ahad lepas nab and ana dtg umah,bst gle that week

ana and nab smpi jmaat,ana naik bas from USM n nab lak naik tren. then nab ckp kne blik esknye sbb adk dye skit,sian dye..


ktorg g mid from 11.++ smpi ptg,ktorng out pkul 4.15ptg sbb nab nye train kul 8.00 pm,tp tren delay lak,then makin rmai la,ble tren smpai sume brebut nk naik,smpi the sorng lady cine ni kne ragut phone ,tkut gak la.time tu igt nab smpt naik tren tp xsmpt pndekkn cite nab trtnggal tren..huhu


suppose nab n ana blik rini tp ibu mira xbg,sruh dyeorg duk lme mlm tu ktorg g jj bkt tnggi n mkn kt muara ikan bakar,bst kot mkn atas laut..hehe


ktorg g snway pyramid lak..hehe,ptg tu nab n ana blik gak

handmade card

cantik tak?hehe i made it for my lil sis birthday =),,mira bli handmade sticker then plus with my lil creativity and done the final card =),hope you guys like too

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swine flu

By Mayo Clinic staff

Swine flu symptoms in humans are similar to those of infection with other flu strains:

■Sore throat
■Body aches
Swine flu symptoms develop three to five days after you're exposed to the virus and continue for about eight days, starting one day before you get sick and continuing until you've recovered.

When to see a doctor
See your doctor immediately if you develop swine flu symptoms, such as fever, cough and body aches, and you have recently traveled to an area where H1N1 swine flu has been reported. Be sure to let your doctor know when and where you traveled.

Also see your doctor if you develop what appear to be swine flu symptoms after you've been in close contact with someone who may have been exposed to H1N1 swine flu.

Doctors have rapid tests to identify the flu virus, but there is no rapid test to differentiate swine influenza A H1N1 from other influenza A subtypes.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Yeah ! dinner with family is the most valueble things that every persone shoud't miss it..Actually that evening i went to HKL because my atok is not well,he was placed in Urinology department,so after we done visited atok we go for lunch at kmpg bru at fish n chips,the food quite delicious! mostly are western food,and actually im not really into western food but the food is ok this is some pic of us ..enjoy!

Monday, August 3, 2009


today maktok,mak lang,pak ndak n cil leh dtg..bst gle coz dyeorng dtg bwk lots of fruit ,cempedak,rambutan ,maggis,mata kucing n so on u jst name it hehe..

blik from umah ibu ,mira pn ikut gak tdo umah anjang..then g alm sntral

lepas solat g jln2 ,klu dh jln2 de je yg nk beli,whats wrong with me shopaholic btul..huhu

lepas hbis 1 alm sntarl pg umak cik yon hntar adam haris lak,cik yon msak so we had dinner in cik yons house,,menu hari ini = tomyam+ikan goreng+ulam+telur goreng
tom yam sedap so creadit to cik yon

bru blik umah anjang ,time 2 sume dh ltih sgt..hehe

still typing to updating my blogs~
gd nite friends

Monday, July 27, 2009

when alphabet spokes

meh2 bace lar..isi ur leisure time ..hehe

Maksud Nama - Huruf
Cari maksud nama:

Pemilihan huruf pertama pada nama juga adalah penting. Berikut sebagai sedikit panduan.

A = Ramah dan murah senyuman. Mereka juga pandai menyesuaikan diri dalam pergaulan selain bijaksana dan cerdas. Kelemahannya, sangat mudah berasa hati, dan mudah mengeluarkan kata-kata pedas ketika meluahkan perasaan marah. Meskipun begitu marahnya mudah reda.

B = Selalu tenang dalam menghadapi masalah yang rumit dan membahayakan dirinya adalah ciri penampilannya. Mereka juga sangat setia dan penyabar, yang menjadikannya amat disenangi dalam pergaulan. Kelemahannya, sangat mudah tersinggung.

C = Ramah dan pandai berbicara. Ini yang menjadikannya popular di kalangan rakan-rakan. Mereka tidak bersungguh dalam bertindak dan selalu menganggap masalah yang dihadapi adalah remeh.

D = Pendiam, bercakap hanya bila perlu. Sopan, berdisiplin dan kuat bekerja. Kelebihannya itulah yang menghasilkan kejayaan dalam mencapai cita-cita. Kelemahannya adalah selalu bimbang dan sukar mempercayai orang lain.

E = Pandai dan penuh pertimbangan dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab. Sikapnya periang bila hatinya senang, tetapi suka berdiam diri apabila hatinya gundah dan boleh membuatkan hati orang lain terluka.

F = Punya pendirian yang teguh, tidak mudah goyah dan keras kepala. Mereka juga sukar memaafkan. Tidak setia dan amat berhati-hati bila berbelanja.

G = Kerap murung dan bersedih hati. Pendiriannya mudah dipengaruhi. Tekun belajar ketika rakannya bermalas-malasan dan sebaliknya suka bermalas-malasan ketika rakannya sedang tekun.

H = Mudah simpati, bahasanya lemah-lembut. Tidak pernah melukai perasaan orang lain. Selalu tergesa-gesa dalam melakukan pekerjaan, suka berkhayal dan bercita-cita terlalu tinggi.

I = Suka memendam perasaan dan permasalahan. Mereka juga mudah merasa curiga dan cemburu terhadap orang lain. Suka menangis.

J = Ramah dan murah senyuman. Mereka juga pandai menyesuaikan diri dalam pergaulan. Mudah merasa ragu dalam membuat keputusan dan tidak tegas.

K = Pandai berjenaka. Hari-harinya sentiasa ceria walaupun perasaannya gundah. Kelemahannya suka bercerita rahsia sendiri.

L = Ramah dan pandai bergaul dan mempunyai ramai kawan. Tidak suka bergosip dan mencampuri urusan orang lain. Amat berhati-hati bila berbelanja. Kelemahannya, tidak menepati masa.

M = Pandai dan kreatif, suka kelembutan dan jika dikongkong, mereka akan berontak. Senang dijadikan sahabat, kerana mereka tidak berkira. Kelemahannya, boros dan keras kepala.

N= Baik hati dan rapi dalam berpakaian. Mereka suka menghulurkan tangan menolong orang lain tanpa memikirkan balasan. Kelemahannya, mudah bersedih hati dan kurang percaya diri.

O = Serba boleh. Suka memendam perasaan dan permasalahan serta sukar mempercayai orang lain. Akibatnya ramai yang menggapnya sombong dan suka memilih teman.

P = Pandai berjenaka dan selalu ceria. Punya banyak idea dan sangat kretif. Sering melakukan sesuatu yang belum dilakukan orang lain. Agak pendendam dan boros.

Q = Setia dan mudah memaafkan orang lain. Suka meluangkan waktunya untuk kawan-kawan. Keras kepala, sukar diatur dan mudah emosi.

R = Pendiam dan bercakap hanya bila perlu. Tekun dengan kerja yang disukai dan bersungguh-sungguh dalam mengejar cita-cita. Suka mengkritik. Dan sukar mengawal bicara ketika marah.

S = Pandai dan tekun dalam mengejar cita-cita. Tidak suka pada orang yang suka memungkiri janji. Kelemahannya mudah tersinggung selain sukar menahan emosi. Jika sudah emosi marahnya meledak-ledak.

T = Sangat berdisiplin. Selalu mengerjakan sesuatu menurut aturan buku. Tidak suka mengelamun atau bermalas-malasan. Suka menonjolkan diri selain senang gugup, terutama bila bersalah.

U = Suka berterus-terang dan menyendiri. Naif baginya merugikan orang lain. Tidak tahan dengan kritikan dan kurang pandai menyusun kata-kata jika berbicara didepan orang ramai.

V = Tutur katanya lembut dan pemalu. Pandai meyesuiakan diri. Selain itu, mereka juga pandai menguasai orang disekitarnya dengan cerita-cerita yang memikat. Tidak suka berterus terang.

W = Ramah dan mudah simpati. Sikapnya amat menawan. Punya toleransi yang tinggi dan ringan tangan. Keras kepala dan sukar diatur, tetapi hatinya boleh dilembutkan dengan kesabaran dan kelembutan.

X = Budi pekertinya halus. Suka melakukan pekerjaan sosial. Mudah tersinggung dan tidak akan berbaik dengan mereka yang menyinggungnya.

Y = Pendiam dan tidak suka menonjolkan diri. Ramai menganggapnya sombong walaupun sebenarnya mereka adalah sahabat yang baik. Tidak berani mengemukakan pendapat.

Z = Pandai berjenaka dan menyesuaikan diri dalam pergaulan. Suka disapa terlebih dulu dan gemar menonjolkan diri.

indahnye nama kite

dlm dunia skrg ni rmai bg nama-nama yg byk ke nama barat,tp nape?nama islam xsedap ke?nama2 islam pn ok jugak mcm nama mira (hehe prasn je)..amira athirah bt mohammad aroff..

Amira = princess
Athirah = Yang utama, yang mulia

see,how wonderfull it is..thnx ibu n abah for such a great name
so..nape kte still nk letak nama mcm org putih?dont you proud to be muslim??
hmmm,myb ble ltak nama mcm tu lebih glamor kot?hehe xtau la plak..xpe mira cite lg psl our fantastic name k

my sis name amira aqilah = princess Cerdas, pandai

yeah dats very suit my sis,dye mmg active gle..hoki?netball?boling? just name it

my brother Amar Faiz = Yang ramai zuriat Berjaya, menang

wah..nama n makna mmg pnting dlm kehidupan seseorang,sbb ble kte pnggil nama seolah-olah kte sedang mendoakn untuk dia

ok2 time kt sbpi Kubang Pasu dulu mira de sorng bst friend ni name dye syazana,so kteorg pnggil lar dye syaz tanpa mengetahui last de org tgur ckp syaz tu mksudnye gile..OMG..see ni la masalah nye klu kte kurng pengetahuan..hehe,,Ya Allah maafkn la hambamu ini,hambamu ini xbermaksud nak mendoakn yg bruk2 pada kawannya cuma daif after that incident kteorg pggil dye ana..sedap kn

btw syazana luv u so much..

so ,klu korang nk tgk makna nme korang jgn malu2 msuk web ni k

Thursday, July 23, 2009


i was 1 of hundred fans of CSI,jst dont care either Miami nor NY both r fantastic..but i prefer CSI MIAMI mora coz Horatio was my hero!!!,but at the end of last season his death..huhu,im so sad withit,ermm but the season will be continue just cant wait to watch it..but im still wonder ist truet that Horatio work partner double cross him??because at the end of the story one of his partner looks very strange..poor Horatio,his ex wife has married with one of the criminal..,n now his dad..but not to mention his son was damm cute..hehe

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

transformers vs harry potter

ermm,both mvie dh tgk so its time for a lil discussion..ok2,both story mmg gmpk lar,credit to da director of both..trnsformers as usual full wit action,mmg bst la..for harry potter lak byk luv story than xbst sgt lar..
overall transformers 5/5 n harry potter 3/5...this is my analysis jgn de spe2 amek hati lak hehe

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why GOD Gave Us Friends
GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.
He knew they need someone kind
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.
GOD knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day,
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way.
Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we'll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts.
That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


wah...unbelievable im 19 now,hehe..nxt year bcoming im getting old Amira Athirah ! wake up!..fuh,,jst a lil wish 4 my sweet 19

i wanna be a good daughter..i hope my studies in egypt will be fine..i really,surely,extreamly wanna a good doctor and plus be showered with Allah blessed,fyi dats is ustzh Fatmah told me,dont just be a doctor,be a doctor thats always follow

with Allah bless..ermm

hope all my dream will came true..huhu

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mE n friends

dis is my friends in ain,nadia n alia =)

ain= the most matured among us..
alia= playful+ ske kcu me ..hehe ( jgn mrah k!)
nadia=pndiam among us

there r the place semua problem goes out..hehe,thnkfull to god for these wonderfull friends

time primary school de -amalina,shai,elly,diana,syarina ,siti,balqis n byk g la
secondry-ain,alia,ndia,aainaa,da rubs club,ana + sbpikp
matrx-my roomate mira,zarith ,dayah+fazz,hajar,leha,cil mok+ilham n all h4p1

~luv u guys so much hope our friendship last 4ever


Countdown Widget

Saturday, July 4, 2009

luv it !!! LENKA

A second
A minute
An hour
A day goes by
I'm hopin'
Just to be by your side
I'm turnin'
The handle
It won't open
Don't make me wait
Cause right now
I need your smile
Knock knock
When life had locked me out
I turned to you
So open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
A warm bath
A good laugh
An old song
That you know by heart
I've tried it
But they all leave me cold
So now I'm
Here waiting
To see you,
My remedy
For all that's
Been hurting me.
When life had locked me out
I turned to you
So open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
You seem to know the way
To turn my frown
Upside down
You always know what to say
To make me feel like everything's okay
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin' (oh oh)
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
When life had locked me out
I turned to you
And you open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
When life had knocked me down
Well I turned to you
And you open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
Nothin' works like you, oh oh
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
When life had locked me out
Well I turned to you
And you open the door
You're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you

Friday, July 3, 2009


4 july 2009

tday bfdy hafiz,hfz is my friends frm sbpikp...hepi bfdy hafiz..tOday nothg much pg amek bby at sbpi gombak..huhu a lil tired..andak dh nk deliver im so hppy ,due date 2morrow but not 2nite im da one jge ank2 dye batrisya,aiman n aina..act2lly missing someone ,tp biarlah...i know he's tired but i just want a lil attention...huhu,mlas lar nk ckp dh.abh dh smpi umah,esk ibu plak pg sabah,kne antr ibu pkul 3pg kt airprt waa!!! pnat2..huhu

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1 july 2009

Today xde pape pn nk wat..dduk umah je..smlm hntar abah,abah going 2 tgganu till this friday, wah.nearly to my bufdy hehe, dis 10 july is my bfdy!..hehe =)..huhu but im going to be 19 in arabic is tisahtasya hehe..ana umri tisahtasya..=)..dats all lar.byk melalut lak..hehe.k chow dlu..salam

Sunday, June 28, 2009


27 june 2009

huhu,kwn mira sorng ni dh msk U..dh lar jauh kt tgganu,huhu..miss him damm much.He's one of my closest friend.the place for all my stories goes out..although we still in Malaysia but it seem like him so far from me,ialah selangor n tgganu,jauh ilham u will always in my hEart =)..stdy elk2 k kt tgganu =)..b4 mira fly hope can see u again..

Saturday, June 27, 2009


27 june 2009

td anty de send mms,pic anty with her new slendang,lawa sgt ..hehe,anty bli kt alm sntral..xpe ,,1 day before im going to mesir i shOuld buy baby call (btw baby is my lil sis)..dye mcm dh ok je...Alhamdulillah ,klu dye nk blik gak xtau lar...ibu dh spent byk duit for her to that sbpi ,smlm dye call abh nangis2 nk xsure lar...ala normal lar,dulu amira time 1st msuk sbpikp pn cm2 gak,,but i never cry in frOnt of my parents coz i knOw they want the best fOr me when i went to that school..but this is me now ,still standing strong..hehe,i really hope my sis can still stand there,sbp is the best school ever...


my flight is on 29 septermber 11.00 p.m,,wah mlmnye hehe..amira akn dduk block B btul2 dpan
University Mansoura year!!..but ,amira akan dduk tngkat 5 huhu..ltih,sure i'll be exhausted everyday at the end off the class xpe2 klu niat kita btul InsyaAllah xrse pape..btul ustzh ckp niat kne btul.At 1st niat mira nk jd Dr coz fulus byk..hehe..but now mira dh kne ttapkan niat,mira nk pg sne stdy ilmu Allah and be a doctor that always can help people and always be blessed with Allah..mira tau mira hamba yg sgt hina,mira hamba yg xsmpurna tp mira akn ttp cube perbaiki diri mira insyaAllah..

Friday, June 26, 2009


sje nk pOst nk test Power...

ana ismi amira athirah bt mohammad aroff

umri tiss'ah tasyar

ana uskunufi klang ,selangor darul ehsan

ana darusfi College Matrikulasi Melaka

ana uhibu mahsyi

hehe,a bit weird+worst but i will try till i fluently speakng arabic communication

wish me luck



25 June 2009

Alhamdulillah, just finished my arabic class,although i stay there just only fOr two weeks thOusand of words i get..huhu...mmg best , student bru mcm amira org pnggil "MUSTAGIDAH" hehe..sgt bst,1st time msuk a lil scared cOz amira xde basic arab at all..but at last i finished with creadit..rmai kwn yg amira knl..ayu,aishah,anis,nina,ira ,dayah n rmai lg lar xtkcuali for the guys ..mmg best kje ngan kOrang..24 june ktorg de sukaneka n dinner prpisahan ,sgt gmpk+bst +sdih coz kne tggal kwn..huhu..but anywy u guys r my friends for ever k...luv u guys muahxx!!