Thursday, September 3, 2009


happy Ramadhan to all my friend,i hope u guys accomplish full this Ramadhan,hehe..Ramadhan is a month for us gain more pahala and less sins =) the morning we fasting,nite go for solat tarawikh..but for me that lazy bum,if i went for tarawikh i just finished with 8 rakaat only,hehe,but sometimes it depends to the tok imam,if tok imam reading the surah like wind i finished 23 rakaat but if slow i just finished 8 rakaat only,hehe =P,,SO MUCH TO DO ,SO LITTLE TIME,just like blink of eye we almost done our fasting for 2 weeks,ermm life is too short ist,..i just want to make apology if i ever hurt my friends feeling,sorry ya! i thnk Ramadhan is the best month for us ask apology to our friend,i just hate when i make someone mad at me,because i will feel very,very guilty..huhu,its feel like being jail by our own just wanna wish all my blog readers Happy Ramadhan =)

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