Friday, April 26, 2013

I LOVE my dentist

Salam guys :)

on 29th March the Mansoura Dentist students done a very great event!!. Basically it is a very simple event but yet very very useful one . On that day dyeorg buat free medical check-up , consultant and also pameran about our gigi . From what i see it is a very successful event , congrats to mansoura dentist students * throw confetti*

what i got from the event :

1) sy ada gigi susu lagi hehe
2) lack of vitamin c because my gum easily bleed
3) use a soft toothbrush
4) CHANGE ur toothbrush every 3 moths
5) go see ur dentist at least 2x a year

and special thanks for my beautiful yet meletop2 dentist fatin nadhirah :)

tq for reading my entry :)
go and see ur dentist NOW :D

MTS 4.0 ( Make Them Smile )

Salam guys ,

ok im gonna write about my interesting life activity as a Mansoura Medical Students (haha ok poyo )
MTS (Make Them Smile) project ni actually mcm charity events , instead of giving money we draw for them . Project MTS yang first dekat pediatric hospital kot dekat library dye , but im not gonna bebel about that , the newest project are at Orphanage home dekat Mansoura ni , So lets see what we have done :)

from this :


the class

the hard workers 

ini time sume orang xde keje hehehe

ME with lonjong face haha ( i looks like alien kot )

i love my team go underwater!
tq for reading my entry :)


Salam guys
and yes i know i didn't update my blog like ages
this lazy bum is so busy haha ( cheh buzy la sgt :p)
so shortly ive already enter my clinical year * yeay for me *
ended my cardiology , hematology and respiratory medicine last sem so basically now im in internal medicine round.
So now im gonna update bits of this and that about my life :)