Saturday, June 27, 2009


27 june 2009

td anty de send mms,pic anty with her new slendang,lawa sgt ..hehe,anty bli kt alm sntral..xpe ,,1 day before im going to mesir i shOuld buy baby call (btw baby is my lil sis)..dye mcm dh ok je...Alhamdulillah ,klu dye nk blik gak xtau lar...ibu dh spent byk duit for her to that sbpi ,smlm dye call abh nangis2 nk xsure lar...ala normal lar,dulu amira time 1st msuk sbpikp pn cm2 gak,,but i never cry in frOnt of my parents coz i knOw they want the best fOr me when i went to that school..but this is me now ,still standing strong..hehe,i really hope my sis can still stand there,sbp is the best school ever...

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