Tuesday, June 1, 2010

study leave part 3

evrydy,i keep remind myself not to open my blog!!!!no blogging!!!,but yeah this is me now ;p
but i dont think i will talk much just wanna leave some pic,how my room looks like when we in da study leave
this is how medical student in study leave ( mayb not all,perhaps just me )

ok,thats my wall board ;),tik..tok..tik..tok,counting the day for my final examination,ok officially 4 days to go!!!..can i do it?OMG seriously ,i prepared myself well,but u know what,  our effort dosent reflect fully for our result,GOD will decide for us,so we just have to really work hard ;). And if we fail get to our target they must be blessing in disguise, GOD know wht good for us ;)

this is da real bone k ;), from left to right tibia,femur,hip bone n fibula ;)

ok..ok..lower limb i like ;)

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