Tuesday, May 4, 2010

we growing up!

hey guys!, today i got de time to share some part of my life. Lately being soooo

busy ( haha busy pe ntah ) . Pejam celik,pejam celik wow im 20ty now! not with de

suffix teen anymore i think im growing up too fast ( xnk ngaku dh tue ^_^).Yeah im 20

,cepatnye mse blalu. Dlu mcm bru je msuk kindegrden now im in Egypt trying hard

strugglg to b a docter . Ok my sis ( amira aqilah ) dh form 5 dh pn. Cepatnye kami

membesar . Dlu klu gadoh slalo tarik2 rmbut la , merajuk xnk mkn la , haha teruk nye

mira dlu . But now everything change we growing up , xgadoh tarik2 rmbut dh :) ,

gadoh mulut je ( hehe,sme je ). Tp duduk jauh ni dh xbleh nk gadoh dh . Ibu pn slalo

cite baby ( nama pnggilan amira aqilah aka my sis ) slalo cari gadoh ngan org laen ,

dgn ibu la , abah la hehe sbb dye xde partner gadoh dye hehe.. we always fight, not

like other always every minutes we fight ( even in car, toilets , kitchen) haha truk

kn kteorg.. But i really miss those fight ( tula bile bnde dh xde bru t'ingat kn???

). But this is my life i like it! :). Ibu & abah seriously manjakn ktorg sgt2 but u

know wht we stil turn out good not like some spoil child ;) ( memuji dri sndiri ).

Baby going to take spm end of this year i thnk xthu ble trikh exam . I just hoping

she can do it well , baby , akak will always pray for you so dont you worry!.. but the most important is..

♥ dont forget to pray , dont u ever forget Allah, bcoz all the thing its already a faith ,when anything goes wrong u must always go back to your creaters.

♥ bless from ibu & abah

♥ study hard,coz Allah will always observe your hardworkng

♥ believe that Allah will always with u

♥ so gd luck baby ;)

p/s : kurangkn gedik awk tu,pg stdy ;p

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