Saturday, May 8, 2010

I ♥ ibu

Ibu , 'happy mothers day '. Although im far away from u,its does't meant that i will

forget you, not even a second . Ibu is evrythng for me, and i know its hard to rise a

child in a perfect way . Im not that perfect but u stil ♥ me . U always support me what

ever it takes eg : drawing competition , taekwondo sparing , story telling ( hehe ),

coirs , nasyid and many more . I know u sacrifice many thing for me , abg n baby .

Thats y we love u soooooo much . I will try to be a good child , just a simple

things i need from u is ur blessing . I really miss u , but as a child a hve my

responsibility here . I just can't wait to see u . Till we meet again


♥ U ^_^

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