Friday, May 14, 2010

welcome to my study leave

hehe, already start my study week ,but its started with worst coz im having cough + runny nose & fever bad rite?? huhu . But i try to cope with it ,i really HATE medicine but i have to take it coz my fever like making my study week more worst coz i keep coughng , sneezing till like hell argh!!!. I hate being sick ! , but i know everythng god do to us hve somethg good behind it ;). thanks to afieqah izzaty who bought the drug for me ;). Dont be mistaken its a drug that i taken for therapeutic not that the illegal drug hehe , for this sem i learn many thing about drugs its pharmacokinetic , pharmacodynamic ,side effects of taking the drug . some people just dont know abt it, but lucky me coz i study it . Some drug can't be taken with other drug on the same time coz it will lead to adverse drugs reaction ( haha, pela yg sy membebel ni ). But its true ok ,i learnt it ;) that the benefits you got when u be a medical students . My exam start 5 june - 14 june so maybe around this time i xtulis blog . So im sorry for everythng ,if i ever hurt your feelings so sorry . Wish me luck in my examination so i can pass with flying colours ~

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