Friday, May 21, 2010

i like ♥

today just trying to relax myself cause i already been with my beloved pathology notes like from 7am - 2pm ( seriously going crazy =_=*) so i just look around the fcbook to play some other games else not hotel city and cafe world k ! OMG im seriously into all the fb game!!!! :0, then i found this sorority life , then just think a while wht the hack is this. Then i started to play it, you know what its kinda fun (hehe ).If u wanna fight someone to gain your popularity just click the button for attacking ( wht a game ???). If u wanna shop just click it! wanna sweetheart just click it! wanna new cloths, beg car, accessory just click it! hehehe fun ha? :). the best part is u can buy your boyfriend! sweet♥. plus u can also steal u friend boyfriend hahaha . what a game huh ;). i seriously xde kje . My final start 5 june so im thinking it just left 14 days to go.........OMG . Abah and ibu please pray for me ,i know u guys love me so much it same goes to me , i try as hard as i can to makesure i do well in my final. Wish me luck :)

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