Monday, April 19, 2010


yeah,i dh de formspring, at first mira mcm pkir " formspring,mcm fcebk ke?" oh im such a loser , tau lmbt sgt , tu pn xtau (hehe). Then i try to discover it by myself , and yeah i know wht it's . Its kinda like web like twitter actually ( lame xupdate twitter,hehe). But twitter only one way communication , but it's differ in formspring cause it two ways communication . People ask u somethng and u answer it . Its kinda fun actually. For example , people mayb want to know u better but they just shame or afraid to ask u , so by using formspring they can ask u anythng :).. Thats on the bright side , but in the other hand some question maybe annoyed u .. but for me i like this things , sometimes the quest kinda funny like

" berape berat u ?"
haha perlu ke tnye berat mira :)

but i already know who asked me, because she already make a confession ( hehe). To afiqah izzaty im so sorry for accused u for asking that quest but its not you, hehe maalish ok!
For ME this formspring its kinda good things , u guys should try too :)

p/s: u guys can check out my formspring

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