Saturday, November 27, 2010

review series ;)

oh sorry sgt2 guys sbb lame xupdate blog T_T i know i knoe ,, sometimes i can be damm lazy oh no! jgn sebut lazy2 lagi nnt mmg betul lazy . Yeah dats is my motto don't ever say L's word , what is L , L stand for LAZY . oh that's great i say it again! . ok for this entry im gonna introduce 2 latest series that i watched , so jom check it out ! If you guys really into this series you guys can take it from me ;) , org yg slalo amek cite dari saye adalah syazana and ayus , maybe we having the same taste in movies kot ,hehehe . But then i don't mind , if you want just take it! ;)

series no. 1 : vampire diaries

ok tgk tajuk pun mesti dh tau cite psl ape kn ? haha vampire la ;) . Its about two brothers loving the same person katrine in past , but then katrine betray their love . When stefan move to mystic fall she found Elena , accidently elena having the same face as katherine . Its a love triangle . This story sgt best ok , the best part this story also have werewolf ! . So who will get elena at last? stefan , damon or the werewolf???

stefan , elena , damon

elena and stefan , they just look good to be together ;)

ok who's the hottest guy in the town? hehe its damon , everybody love damon because he's have the face , but then i still prefer stefan ;) bacause i hate bad guy!!

series no . 2 : pretty little liars

must see!!! hehe sume must see . Actually all these story among having the high rate! and also i dah tgk sume and its awesome ;) . Its a story about a group of friends sharing their deepst secret , but then not among them ,its between she ( 1 of the group member ) and the leader Allison , so Allison know every each of one secret , its a secret that no other people know . But one day allison missing , after one year they found allison body ,they found allison already dead . But then the weird things happen , they keep receiving a msg about their secret that allison only know , at the end of msg the anonymous write it from A ,  so they assume its allison because the only person know their secret is allison , so who's A? if you want to know you guys have to watch it! ; )

i want to introduce them but i dont remember their name , i just remember aria coz its a cool name and hanna coz its a common name ;)
if you watch it, you will never regret!! 
thank u coz reading this entry ;)
love you guys !
and between GG epi 10 will be air on 29 nov ,its been a little late but then dont miss it!


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