Thursday, November 18, 2010


GMN & PCM  raya celebration yeah ( suke sbb dpt makan lagi ) heheh . Ok then we are the ajk's makanan aka waitress on duty yehaa!! we suppose to come earlier aroud 3.15pm but then you guys know how perempuan bersiap lalala, then we arrived at istad gamaah ( stadium uni ) around 3. 40pm waaa, but then we got lucky coz habib pun xdtg lg hee ;). Before org smpi pe lg camwhore la kn . After maghrib the event start , but then we never sit inside just dduk depan food je.Then lepas ucapan dh habis yeah our job r ready sume dtg serbu makanana ;) ramai org beratur but we did our best for not let they wait much longer . We did't know what performance going on inside sbb duduk luar all day long . We take lotsa picture to kill the time ;) enjoy some of my picture, you guys know how i love taking picture oh no correction you guys know how i love to be in the pictures hahahaha ;)

tq hawa for editing this picture its awesome ;)

yeah we the waitress ;) : me, azie, sarah , eqa

with azie si kurus ;)

the food ;)

after the event we pack things up and kemas2 ,then sambung taking pic again and again hahha i loveee hari raya because its the day you can really meet and talk to everyone eventhough you  dosents know that person ;) its also the time where we help each other , organize something so that we can gather around ;)

that's all with my post
tq for reading my post 
luve you guys ;)

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