Tuesday, November 16, 2010


simple words : mira pegi cairo, yeah !!! . Ok enough excited sorang2 , actually i went to cairo just to accompany amal , azie and amir but then we go to city star * yeah!!!!* OMGEE excited gile on the way cause you guys know how hard i love shopping ;) hehe , spe ckap medical student 24hr stay home and read those bunch of book like a nerd?? hello its holiday ok ;) we study when its a study time, and joy some free time too . But then mira xla shoping like mad people , just bought a top that's all ( city star xde sale so takot bajet lari ). Ok come i show you some of my pic for the day ( i love taking pictures )

kedai makan ;) no matter how far i go, i will still and always love asian foood ;)

sy diet sy makan mee sje ( hehe, xpun wawawa)

top that i bought ;) (i lovee it)

penat shopping mkn lagi ( mne la xgemok hehehe )

dh penat jln2 balik ;0

there was so many nice places in egypt but then i just dont get it why i keep go back to city star ( hahaha soalan nk kne penampar je ) sorry guys hope you guys love this entry ;)

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