Wednesday, May 11, 2011

quick update sausan & tauchu

Salam just a quick update , nk update lama dh tp xsempat2 . Last week i went tu darul rahmah ( its a place mls nk explain pnjang2 ) , im doing some charity work for a uni project " make them smile" . The purpose of project to make the pediatric hospital more interesting place to stay ,so for our first project is to decorate the library , i will update this thing in my next post insyaAllah ;) . Actually nk tunjuk these two interesting creature tadaa!!!!! meet sausan and tauchu  TEHEE comelkn dyeorg . Binatang ini aynn nasir yg punye ye , so klu anda berminat nk pegang pegi la rumah dye 

xnk ckp byk coz currently in the sad mood , bcoz i done somethng terrible to my friend :'(
im so sorry , i really did't meant to hurt your 
i love all my friends so much till i keep crying everytime i hurt them :'( ( pedih mata mak oii hehehe)
btw tq for reading my entry


Anonymous said...

alaa miraa. jangan lah sedih-sedihhhh nanti dah tak comel dahhh :DD

no display name said...

tak pe mira, kite maafkan mira..semoga mira bahagia dgn husband:)

Amira Athirah said...

hehe xsedih dh , tq ;D