Sunday, July 4, 2010

sory guys lame xupdate blog, im kinda busy lately, making my ic, hsbc card and many more, ( yela i lost my purse in my trip to alex last winter break ,huhu ). After i settle my things ,on my way to home
 ibu ckp : jom pgi jackel ,kakak kn nk blik bju cotton
 then we go to jackel , once we enter the shop, ibu and anjang trus rushing  tgk all the kain, seriously RAMAI !!!, all people like run here and there just to find cloth, OMG . then i just wait back there and yet staring at other people. 

infront jakel

with da stuff( byk+ berat huhu)

then this is mine, which one is your choice ?

a) cotton sulam 

b)cotton je

c) xsure what type it is

yeah ,at last we go home, so for the summery my ibu spend abt 600 ++ kot,not so sure and i got 3 cloth my mum 4 ,sigh* the 1st reason to buy ME, but it turn my ibu and anjang also bought it, and its MORE tthen me 

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