Sunday, August 8, 2010

sea view resort ;)

yeah ,at last my holidy filled well with somewhere a peacefull place other then shopping complex,yet still mall was the best,thumbs up!. Last weekand we went to sea view hotel ,sungai semilang at kuala selangor ;). We went for family day prorgam , but yet the place is damm peacefull. Manage to snap some pic , but it mybe not that nice sorry im not using DSLR huhuhu. 

some nice view
thx ibu for being my model ;)

love the seascape
lots of kulit kerang ;)

really enjoy my weekand ,u guys should go too, the place was awesome. We arrived on saturdy then i went to the sea to snap some pic. Then for the nite event we having BBQ i loveeee BBQ especially when im not incharge for the grill section, haha im damm lazy kot . Then the othen day we having sports event 

At first i really malas nk pg, but then i saw many hot guys ,trus xnk blik,hahahahaha, no la the resonable reason was the event awesome ( haha lame excuse i now ) so u guys just can stick with my 1st reason hot guys ;)

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