Friday, October 22, 2010

it's been awhile

it's almost like already 2 months since my last post, sorry heap things to be done before i left malaysia and travel to egypt . At last i have the time for my pretty blog ( bangga diri hehehe) . But its ok because now i will reveal something nice : my new room in my house in egypt . yeah ( i plak tbe2 excited , xpe2 now i bring u guys tour in my room ;)

yeah ini katil saye ;) comel kn ( perasan hehe) i really like cutes stuff pantang je cute sume nk kebas 

study table mira ;) nme je study table but then xpernah study ats tu pn , i prefer study on meja bulat yg multifunctional ;)

all cases yg xtsusun lg maalish2 ;) waiting for my new rak buku , i custome it to pink colour ;) xsbar nk tggu

another picture but this time nk tunjuk carpet mira ;) i know im too childish ;)

my wardrobe, its look kinda big ,but xbsar pn ok, baju mira xmuat pn , mayb byk sgt ,huhu

other side ;)

i think that's all kot, mne bleh reveal byk2 hehe, till next time bye ;)
(lecture pathology anemia xbace lg heheh)

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