Monday, June 27, 2011

kinda busy guys ;D

Salam , i know its been awhile since my last post . My exam finally ended way long time ago but i just couldn't find the exact time to update my blog *padahal sndiri yg mls TEHEE* ;D . Ok after exam i joint the " make them smile project" this is the second project ( spe2 yg xtau psl project ni bleh bace my last post ) . Its sort of charity work for the pediatric hospitals . For the second project we decorate the playground at the second floor . This project taught me many things such as teamwork and i make many new friends ;) .Enjoy some of the pic . Hope we will meet again for the next project insyaAllah ;)

the wall before being painted

the result tadaa!!! , really ♥ the painting feel in the fairytale land 

yeah that's me with my housemate =_="

someone asked " eh btul ke de org jual asiskrim?" ha?hahahha .No la that's just a window from the nurse room  ;D i think they can watch the child while the children are playing

really2 ♥ the castle , so cool they can come out with this idea , thumb up for azhari and safuan for the castle idea ;)

And finally the project are done ;)
really looking forward for the next project
tq for reading my entry
♥ you guys 


princess said...

mira . it's really cool . love them :)

nabila azmi said...

waa....nanti next projek nak join jugakla=)=)...

Ash Burn said...

cool !

baru follow u.
nanti rajin2 singgah la kat blog i and leave ur comment.thanks :)

Amira Athirah said...

ain!!!! lama xdgr cite jom jumpe blk nnt ;)

Amira Athirah said...

nxt time klu de lg mira ajak ye insyaAllah ;)

Amira Athirah said...

ash burn : will visit your blog later :)

princess said...

hehehe . lme kan . tu laa . nt blik rye tak ? kalau blik btau ea . kte jmpe .

Amira Athirah said...

blk la , jom jumpe ;), ain ckp ble ain free mira ok je

princess said...

ok , set ! nt smp mesia jgn lpe inform okay . yay ! x sbr nk jmpe cik adik ni :)