Sunday, July 17, 2011

trip to malacca

salam , its been awhile since my last post , ok not awhile a very long time i did't update my blog sorry guys ;D . Actually i just done with my tour to MALACCA and its was great . Tentatif perjalanan :

14 july - take train to tampin - afamosa -midnight movie : harry potter
15 july - melaka -mahkota parade - shopping
16 july - arrive home - sunway - shopping

what a hectic day , very very packed holidays but seriously it was FUN !! , tq to amal's family sbb sediakan makanan and penginapan tuk ktorg , sadly this was my last holiday trip with my sis because she's already start her classes at unikl sdey2 , tp xpe every weekand dye akan balik *yeay*. Hope you guys enjoy some of my pic in melaka ;)

for all the pictures thanks to my lil sis friend 
come and visit malacca tehee
tq for reading my entry
bye ;D