Thursday, February 2, 2012

my winter break


  • as i promise you guys to update my pic in my next entry ,so enjoy the beauty of Allah creations :)
glass boat

my hotel :)

seafood for dinner

all the side dishes

snorkelling at blue hole

our lunch , tempting huh?

dessert :)

on top of sinai , wherever we go malaysia always close to our heart aceceh hehe :p

jealous much? hehehe
that's all for this entry
love you guys 
salam :)


lavenderlover said...

mmg jeles..huhu..tahun ni once again i missed the chance to go to sinai & dahab..ujian Allah..maybe next time i'll hv that great sweet time,,insyaAllah,,, hv a nice day..=)

Amira Athirah said...

XPE2 next year make sure to goooo :D

iandmy Story said...

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