Thursday, February 2, 2012

yes i'm the lazy bum

Assalammualaikum ,

  • first of all gonna make an official apology to all my blogger friends because not updating my blog since urrmmm only god knows how long i did't update my blog hehe :)
  • im kinda lazy this year ( dont know why) but insyaAllah i totally gonna make up with you guys back :)
  • so this entry actually gonna be " what-i-do-during-winter-break"
  • actually this year winter break me and my housemate ( exception for sarah and amal) we went to Dahab and Sinai . "HATI"Sila jeles dgn sarah sbb dye blk mlaysia huhu and plus plus jeles dkt amal because she went for europe tour huhu
  • xpe2 "HATI" kte kn dh jalan pegi dahab and sinai( nk sedapkn hati je huhu)
  • ok ,trip ktorg 3days and 2 nights jom ikot tentatif :
  1. hari first pegi Dahab , so what we do in Dahab jeng..jeng..jeng : makan seafood ( wich is hard to find in mansoura if ade pun it's gonna be a lil expensive) , then snorkeling wohoo!! , then a lil bit of shopping 
  2. we also went to many historical places such as makam nabi soleh ,makam nabi harun,wadi arbaie,lembu samiri and many more
  3. wadi arbaie , ktorg tgk batu yg nabi musa ketuk keluar 12 mata air (mmg best sbb dpt tgk depan mata)
  4. lembu samiri: org mulanya pengikut nabi musa tp terpesong dan sembah lembu ( patung emas bentuk lembu)
  5. nk tahu lebih lanjut , sila tanye pakcik google ye :)
  6. snorkeling: at blue hole im totally amazed with this place MasyaAllah cantik sgt tempat ni 
  7. then we went to glass boat , at the centre of the boat there will be an huge glass so u guys can see the under water world totally awesome !!
  8. next day ktorg panjat gunung sinai ( gunung nabi musa dpt wahyunye) 
  9. oh lupe nk cakap time pegi wadi arbaie tu kne pnjang la bukit tu and mmg penat sgt , tp ustad tu ckp tulah laluan nabi musa yg dtg dari palestin ke gunung sinai , nak ckp jauh tu mmg jauh sgt hanya Allah je yg tahu cmne pejalanan nabi musa dlu , ktorg yg naik wadi arbaie tu je dh semput
  10. naik sinai dlm pkul 1.30 pagi kot then Alhamdulillah smpi dlm kul 4pagi , penat dye mmg xyah ckp la ade je org xnaik smpi atas sbb tggi sgt , ade yg naik unta je 
  11. tp overall mmg puas hati with this trip , sbb it's give many knowledge ,Alhamdulillah god give me this opportunity, xsume org akan dpt pengalaman ni .
  12. dkt puncak sinai tu ade 1 masjid 1gereja so mmg rmai jugak foreigner 

so i think im gonna update my pic in the next entry 
tq for reading my entry
♥ you guys :)

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