Saturday, October 22, 2011

not updating much ?

salam ,
i rase its been like 3-4 months xupdate blog , so what did i do??? NOTHING im just too lazy to update my blog , im sorry my pitiful blog cause you have me as your owner haha , serious dh berhabuk-habuk blog i ni .
Today im being pretty much rajin because mls nk study ptg2 ni i'll already study like 3 lecture notes so kepala nk pecah dh ok .
Now im starting the new semester , sem ni stdy pasal abdomen la plak , but its kinda interesting dow so im ON ! hehe .
I xupdate lame cause im back in malaysia so there'es so many things to do till i forget to update my blog , sorry guys . But this time in malaysia i byk lepak with my family , cousin and friends and im quite satisfied dh la my bestfriend bru dpt kete so mmg byk bjalan . But i really miss malaysia and i miss them :

my family

my one and only little sister

bdk2 comel ni

anty2 i yg suke shopping ( now i know where i got the " shoppaholic "habit )

teman bergossip , miss you adeq :)

my bestie

gonna see you guys next year 


lavenderlover said...

missing my home too..=0

Amira Athirah said...

xpe , kte study then just makes them proud of us :D

princess said...

all the best mira . sedih tak dpt jmpe awk : '(

Amira Athirah said...

Ain SEDIH jgak , xpe2 next year insyaAllah ye

A.I.N said...

study smart ye dik:)