Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sorry guys !

 salam , oleh sbb tggal 11hari nk exam so kne focus gile2 , so myb in 2 weeks i will not update my blog ,so sorry guys but this doctor really need to work out ! ;) , this what you get when you want to be a good doctor ,hehe . Need to wrap my anatomy and pharmacology . See YOU guys in my next post , and i think its about                  " WINTER BREAK" !!  hehe sgt ske sbb byk SALE ! ;) BUT then need to pass my exam first . So wish me good luck and pray for me .

tq for reading my entry
love you guys!


ayulunera said...

gud luck mira....gambatei..!!

azalia hjsalleh said...

gud luck ;)

Amira Athirah said...

hehe , tq guys ;)

alexa yussida said...

all the best amira:)

kte dh start winter break n final exm da habes smlm..jgn jeles:p

Amira Athirah said...

alexa: wah bst nye T_T