Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things i do for winter break : shopping

  • salam , hey guys sorry for not updating my blog . Last monday we go to ALEX for a shopping trip , and hell yeah its awesome ;) . Taknk cite panjang2 about my way to ALEX ,bcoz i don't have those picture . So i will update for the next post .Today nk cite about brg2 yg sy shopping , not that much la , but now im a little happy girl hehe .
  • my first aim : nk beli beg baru , then xnk beli pape dh , but it turn out , im the want beli plg byk ;)
  • sume org tanye penat ke? 
  • me: entah la ,klu shopping xkan lapar xkan penat hahah

bought a long T sleeve frm H&M
its a cotton and very comfortable ;) , loving the simple stripe design 
material : not so sure ;)

short sleeve from calliope , love the abstrak drawing , beli baju ni sbb murah , kain sgt selesa skali ;)
you can wear it with cardi or by just wearing inner inside ,both will looks cool ;D
material: not so cotton 

puff cardigan from vero moda , ni favourite pick , mmg cari2 jgak puff cardi ni at last jmpe jgak 
material : cotton and streachable

close-up , oh i love this cardi ;)

ok , ni barang yg betul2 nk beli actually , beg from TRF zara

you can wear it like

this :

or this :

oh after shopping im really a happy little girl ;)
review balk mcm blog org jual brg-brg plak 
ok , till next post
tq for reading my post love ya ;)

p/s : still waiting for result hope to get a good result , pray for me ya !


Syafiqah Sabki said...

ollo luv dat cardi too..sbb ade shoulder puff..chumeyl

Nur said...

amboi.sakan shopping..org kat msia nih x shopping lagi

Amira Athirah said...

syafiqah : kan i love the 'puff' too ;D

Zana: haha ,jgn la jealous ;)

lavenderlover said...

sakannyer mira shopping..
suke tgk u hepi