Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i want all of it !!!

  • salam , sry for not updating my blog frequently huhu , im sort of busy lately coz my class already started . Alhamdullilah already done with 1st case that is ' " spena bifida " first case pun dh mcm mencabar haha .
  • this sem ktorg akan study head & neck , susahnye xyah ckp la ye =_=*
  • xpe2 sabar mira , spe sruh nk study medic sgt ,hahaha anyway i'll will never regret it!
  • td open fb then nmpk rmai kwn2 like this page ,so sbb curiosity yg sgt tggi so check la page tu http://cutestfood.com/category/cookies/ , then i found this :

comeeeeeeeeeeel sgt kn? klu mira ade cookies ni mmg xmkn la nk simpan je;)
hehe , k la xleh nk update lme2
i hve neuroanatomy to be study
bye2 guys
tq for reading my entry ;)

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