Tuesday, March 15, 2011

im back

salam ,
sorry guys for not updating my blog , dh nk naik sawang2 dh hehehe
Currently in egypt , bru smpi smlm , my flight was on 13th then smpi 14hb ;) , glad to be in mansoura ( hahaha yeke? ) although i miss my family but live must go on .
My class will start this wednesdy  that's on 16 , yeay for me =_=*
As you guys know im one of thousand people involve in " ops piramid" is a evacuation program time riot tu , so i have some picture here and there which is sgt bersepah , haha tgk la ye , hope u enjoy it!

tggu bas to alex

here and there in alex

after rusuhan

looks clearly what they wrote 

tggu flight to jeddah

ye sy naik kapal ni ;) best adventure ever hehe , not all can take this plane only the lucky one hahahaha ( evil laugh la sgt -,-* ) . Tq TUDM

this plane to malaysia  , tq saudi airlines

first food in jeddah mmg best , better from kfc ;)

perkampungan malaysia d jeddah ;)

that's all for now 
tq for reading this entry 

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